Dean of St Albans on EU Referendum result: “We need to unite”

The Dean of St Albans Abbey The Very Reverend Dr Jeffrey John

The Dean of St Albans Abbey The Very Reverend Dr Jeffrey John - Credit: Archant

Bridges – not barriers – must now be built to close the gap between those voting to leave the EU, and those left feeling vulnerable by the referendum result, according to the Dean of St Albans.

The Very Rev Jeffrey John said: “St Albans came down heavily on one side of the vote, but most of the country felt differently.

“We have to face the fact that the majority view here is linked to the fact that this is a place where many relatively prosperous and privileged people live.

“A significant portion of the vote to leave the EU came from poorer areas, where people feel abandoned and resentful, and this was a chance to protest.

“In my view it was the wrong reaction, but it is all too understandable.”

Saying that we need to “pray for a rapid return to political and economic stability”, the clergyman went on, “We need to unite to build a more generous and just country where people do not feel locked into an underclass.

“We must also remember that many people among our neighbours, friends and work colleagues who come from overseas are now feeling a deep sense of insecurity. We need to give them reassurance and affirm the unique and equal value of everyone.”