Harpenden-Luton incinerator rubbished by Luton Liberal Democrats

The land around Lower Harpenden Rd, between Harpenden and Luton which has been identified as a possi

The land around Lower Harpenden Rd, between Harpenden and Luton which has been identified as a possible site for an incinerator. Picture: DANNY LOO - Credit: Picture: DANNY LOO

The Liberal Democrats have announced their opposition to the proposed Harpenden-Luton incinerator at New Mill End.

Energy company Emsrayne has applied to Central Bedfordshire Council to build a 15-storey high incinerator, the Lea Bank Energy Park, on Green Belt land north of Harpenden and west of Kimpton near Luton Hoo.

Emsrayne say the incinerator would burn half a million tonnes of waste a year, producing 49.99MW of electricity and up to 50MW of heat.

Leader of the Luton Lib Dems David Franks said: “There’s no way you can burn half a million tonnes of waste without throwing out tonnes of heavily polluted air.

“The prevailing winds are from the west, which means most of the pollution will head straight for South and East Luton.

“We do not need more toxic dioxins on top of the polluted air much of Luton already breathes.

“The only access to the proposed site is from Lower Harpenden Road and even if all of the waste was delivered on 40 tonne articulated lorries, that would mean a minimum of 50 lorries into the site and 50 lorries out again every day.

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“One hundred 40 tonne artics a day on Lower Harpenden Road does not sound to me like a good idea. Are the lorries coming away from the site going to be carrying the highly toxic ash the incinerator will produce?”

So far this week, London Luton Airport, which Emsrayne hopes will be the biggest customer for their energy, distanced itself from the project.

The leader of Luton Borough Council, which owns the airport, also expressed concern about the environmental impact of the project.

Tim Armstrong-Taylor of the Stop Harpenden-Luton Incinerator group said: “SHLI is delighted to see Cllr Franks and the Luton Lib Dems are strongly opposed to the incinerator for the sake of all those people in Luton constantly at risk from air pollution.

“I hope all the other councillors, especially the governing Labour party, will follow suit and put health before profit, in the interest of all those they represent.”

To find out more about the Lea Bank Energy Park, visit www.lbep.ukTo find out more about SHLI, visit www.facebook.com/groups/581057965625191