Drivers ignoring signs and going wrong way up one-way system

The people carrier caught going the wrong way up Cravells Road.

The people carrier caught going the wrong way up Cravells Road. - Credit: Archant

Pedestrians’ lives are being placed in danger from drivers ignoring a multitude of signs and notices and rushing the wrong way up a one-way system.

Cravells Road in Harpenden has a one-way system in force between Eastmoor Park and the roundabout with Southdown Road with road signs and ‘No Entry’ painted on the road.

Yet there have been several instances of drivers going the wrong way, including one this month where a delivery truck had to squeeze past a people carrier which had gone the wrong way.

Road resident Steve Gledhill said: “Some people do not bother to look at signs like those.

“They are just not aware of the road situation and that is a danger to people. Our concern is people will go down the road and slam into another car.”

Steve says pedestrians have learned to look both ways before crossing Cravells Road in case of an oncoming vehicle from the wrong direction.

He is meeting with the police to give a statement on an ongoing prosecution.

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County councillor Teresa Heritage has previously used £13,000 of her highways budget to improve the safety of the street, including a consultation on a 20mph limit and bollards.

She said: “Driver behaviour is the biggest issue. It’s quite clearly-signed at the bottom, the top and along the road, but people do not seem to adhere to it.

“I think it’s very difficult and I’m not sure there is anything more we can do in terms of signs or anything like that.”

Herts police say they have been made aware of the vehicles driving the wrong way and are investigating.

Officers will also be checking the area to try and stop it from happening again and identify offenders.

The problem has now become a priority road traffic offence in Harpenden for the next three months after a meeting of community representatives at a priority setting forum decided it warranted more attention and a greater use of resources.

Ignoring traffic signs, such as those marking out a one-way system, can be punished with a £50 fixed penalty notice and three points on a driver’s licence.