MP Daisy Cooper addresses Boris Johnson in bid for more efficient and consistent COVID-19 vaccination supply

Daisy Cooper at PMQs on January 13

Daisy Cooper at PMQs on January 13 - Credit:

St Albans MP Daisy Cooper has appeared on Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs) today to personally ask the PM for his support in the smoother roll-out of coronavirus vaccines.

PMQs, which take place in the House of Commons at midday every Wednesday, give MPs a chance to put questions directly to the Prime Minister.

Daisy attended the weekly session via videolink to bring the work of St Albans' vaccination team at Batchwood Hall - and other PCN-led vaccination centres across the country - to the attention of PM Boris Johnson, but also to plead for his support to ensure a more consistent and greater vaccine supply.

In her statement, she said: "I hope that the Prime Minister will join with me in congratulating the local GPs and all the admin, medical and volunteer staff, who have set up the Batchwood Hall vaccination centre in St Albans at incredible speed.

"They have already vaccinated thousands of residents, but their enormous local drive and success is being hampered because they are only being provided with enough vaccine supplies to vaccinate 1,100 people a day, for just two days a week, and they are often only getting the vaccine deliveries at very short notice.

The COVID-19 vaccination team at Batchwood Hall, St Albans

The COVID-19 vaccination team at Batchwood Hall, St Albans - Credit: Supplied by The Lodge Health Partnership

"So, will the Prime Minister personally intervene, to ensure that the Batchwood Hall vaccination centre in St Albans and all PCN-led local vaccine services have a much greater and more consistent vaccine supply, so they can get on with the job of vaccinating the country against COVID?"

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In response to Daisy's comments, Mr Johnson first congratulated the team based at Batchwood and other similar centres nationwide for their vaccination efforts thus far.

Boris Johnson at PMQs on January 13

Boris Johnson at PMQs on January 13 - Credit:

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He said: "I certainly thank the GP vaccination centre in St Albans for what they're doing and for their wonderful work, and it's thanks to primary care networks across the country that we've done 2.8 million vaccines in 2.4 million people.

"The constraint is not the distribution network, it is the supply; but don't forget that we have a bigger supply than all other European countries. Indeed, we've virtually done as many vaccines as all European put together, and we will be ramping up that supply in the days and weeks ahead."

To watch future instalments of PMQs visit or UK Parliament on YouTube.

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