Protesters gain entry to Hemel Hempstead oil depot as disruption continues

A woman in an oil facility looks at a Just Stop Oil flag.

Protesters gained entry to Buncefield Oil Depot this morning (April 3). - Credit: Just Stop Oil

Environmental activist group Just Stop Oil entered the Buncefield oil depot today (Sunday, April 3) and raised flags as part of their protest.  

A statement from the group read: "Early this morning people climbed on and blocked oil tankers at five critical oil terminals. 

"A few have entered the loading bay at Buncefield oil terminal in Hertfordshire and are standing on oil tankers holding banners”. 

An orange Just Stop Oil flag can be seen behind various bits of machinery.

Protesters have been raising flags inside Buncefield Oil Depot. - Credit: Just Stop Oil

Disruption continues at the Hemel Hempstead terminal for the third day running. 

On Friday (April 1) protesters camped out with blankets and banners, blocking the entrance to the area where fuel is kept. 

Their action made it impossible for workers to access the site.  

Now, protestors have gained entry to the depot, and are raising flags throughout the facility. 

Just Stop Oil has been protesting across the country, having created a network of tunnels at the Navigator and Grays oil terminals in Essex. 

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The protesters claim to have been inspired by the tunnel protests against the HS2 railway in London last year. 

Just Stop Oil says there have been around 200 arrests across the UK in the past three days.