Plumber stole £3k from customer 'saving money to support her family'

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The plumber stole £3,000 from a former customer in Radlett. - Credit: PA

A plumber has been found guilty of stealing £3,000 from a former customer who was "saving money to support her family".

Marlon Stevens-Joslin of Edgware stole the money from a flat that he had previously worked on at Watling Street in Radlett on July 9 2019.

He had originally attended the premises to conduct plumbing work on June 4 2019.

He was caught when police found a small amount of his blood at the scene of the crime.

Following his arrest, officers discovered images of the flat's window on the perpetrator's mobile phone.

These photographs were taken on June 19 2019 when the plumber had no reason to be at the property. 

The 42-year-old has been sentenced to 24 months in prison, suspended for 18 months, and a six-month curfew at his home between 11pm and 5am.

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The individual, who appeared at St Albans Crown Court in February, has also been ordered to pay £3,000 in compensation and a further £1,000 in costs.

Hertfordshire Police's detective constable Ian Waldock said: "When we invite tradespeople into our homes to carry out work, we trust that they are there just to do their job, not to plan a burglary. Stevens-Joslin abused that trust.

“The victim was saving the money he stole for further education and to support her family.

"The judge ordered Stevens-Joslin to pay her back within six months of his sentencing.

"If he had been jailed immediately there would have been very little chance of her getting any of the money back.

“If Stevens-Joslin commits any other crimes during his suspended sentence period or fails to pay the compensation he will face the prospect of prison.

“News of his conviction will also make it difficult for him to gain future employment as a plumber entering homes.”

Upon sentencing, His Honour Recorder Harris, said to Marlon Stevens-Joslin: "The reality is it did not take you much time to smash the window and locate the money you already knew was present.

"I am sure this burglary was in your mind for some time.

"This was planned and executed, evidenced by photos and the fact no fingerprints were at the scene.

"Had it not been for the single drop of blood you may have got away with it.”