Bizarre moment Londis shopper 'hides three steaks down his trousers'

A man in an Argentina shirt, hides three steaks down his trousers.

A shoplifter has been caught on CCTV hiding three steaks down his trousers a Hemel Hempstead store. - Credit: George Phillips

A suspected shoplifter has been caught on CCTV hiding three steaks down his trousers before leaving a store.

The man, wearing an Argentina football shirt, tracksuit bottoms and trainers can be seen perusing the aisles of TJ's Late Shop, a Londis store in Hemel Hempstead.

Footage shows the man choose three steaks from a fridge before finding a quiet location to put them down his trousers.

George Phillips, who runs the convenience store, originally posted the video on the shop's Facebook page.

He says that if the individual returns to pay for the items, he will take the video down.

George has made a habit of posting videos online, of anyone who has shoplifted from his store. 

He told The Herts Advertiser that since he has begun posting the videos, shoplifting has dropped significantly, with most returning to pay him for what they took.

The local Hemel Hempstead businessman admitted that times are hard for people, so does not wish to cause harm by posting these videos, but does ask that people pay for what they take from his store.

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George's original Facebook post stated: "We are asking for some help this Easter in getting this gentleman to pay for the three lumps of steak that he so elegantly put down his pants.

"Also let him know that once he has paid for these items I will take this post down.

"Don’t be shy to give this a share, it would massively help to get this situation resolved"