The latest court results from the St Albans area

St Albans Magistrates' Court.

St Albans Magistrates' Court. - Credit: Archant

Gregory Jones: 20, of Bedford Road, St Albans. On July 23 drove a Peugeot 208 on Watsons Walk, St Albans without due care and attention and collided with two pedestrians as they crossed the road. Fined £120 plus victim services £34 and court costs £110. Driving record endorsed with 8 points. 

Allal Hmidouche: 32, of Marshall Avenue, St Albans. Drove a Volkswagen Polo on Holywell Hill, St Albans on July 5 without reasonable consideration of other persons using the road. Hmidouche was speeding and overtook a vehicle as the road narrowed. Fined £100 plus £32 victim services and court costs £110. Driving record endorsed with 5 points. 

Daniella Brownless: 20, of Newgate Close, St Albans. On December 18, 2019 drove a vehicle at St Albans without no insurance in place to cover the use of that vehicle. Fined £220 plus victim services £32 and court costs £100. 

Michelle Hunt: 29, of High Oaks, St Albans. On July 8 stole 4 cans of Budweiser and a bottle of wine from Londis, Hemel Hempstead. Between July 22 and July 27 assaulted a man in Hemel Hempstead. Community Order made: mental health treatment requirement. Ordered to pay compensation £109 plus victim services £95 and court costs £85. 

Luqman Ali: 31, of Masefield Road, Harpenden. Failed to comply with the requirements of a Community Order made August 21. Committed to prison for 8 weeks. 

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Dara Bulut: 20 of Bellview, St Albans. Stole an Oyster card on March 6 at Charing Cross Road, London. Fined £49 plus victim Services £32 and court costs £85. 

Kumbirai Famibsai: 50, of Centurion Court, Camp Road, St Albans. Drove a Nissan X-Trail on Beechan Road, Watford without due care and attention in that she entered a roundabout without proper observation ad collided with a cyclist. Fined £350 plus victim services £35 and court costs £110. Driving record endorsed with 5 points. 

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Gary Hills: 43, of High Street, Sandridge. Drove a Ford Europe on St Albans Road, Hemel Hempstead exceeding the 40mph limit. Fined £200 plus £34 victim services and court Costs £110. Driving record endorsed with 3 points.  

Mink Scharink: 20, of Hatfield Road, St Albans. On July 31 caused damaged to a Nissan Juke in St Albans. Ordered to pay compensation £5,285. 

Robert Parke: 32, of Chalkdell Fields, St Albans. Drove a Volkswagen Golf on Quantock Close, St Albans when there was a proportion of cannabis in his blood and no insurance in place to cover the use of the vehicle. Parke was also in possession of a quantity of cocaine and cannabis. Fined £310 plus victim services £32 and court costs £85. Disqualified from holding or obtaining a driving licence for 12 months. 

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