Police successes in tackling bike thefts near St Albans City Station

Bike stands at St Albans City Station.

Bike stands at St Albans City Station. - Credit: Archant

Would-be thieves tooled up with bolt croppers ready to steal bikes from St Albans City Station have been arrested.

Police were out on proactive patrols by the station, a known hotspot for cycle thefts, on August 16 when they came across the three male suspects.

In response to recent Theft of pedal cycles in St Albans Police are pleased to announce a number of successes in catching those responsible.

They were all arrested and are now being dealt with by British Transport Police. It is believed they were responsible for other theft of pedal cycles from other stations.

Then on August 18 police responded to information that a BMX bike stolen from St Albans earlier in the month was being advertised for sale on Facebook. Enquiries led to the bike being recovered and returned to its owner and one male was arrested on suspicion of theft.

The next day council staff in the SADC CCTV operations room alerted police to two males acting suspiciously around bikes on Victoria Street, St Albans. Officers immediately responded and discovered one of the men was in possession of a recently stolen bike, and both had bolt croppers. Both males were arrested and the bike was recovered.