Fly-tipped rubbish near Heartwood Forest set to be cleared

Rubbish dumped in Coleman Green Lane, Sandridge.

Rubbish dumped in Coleman Green Lane, Sandridge. - Credit: Contributed

Piles of rubbish were fly-tipped opposite the entrance to a St Albans beauty spot.

Around 100 bags were left in Coleman Green Lane, just off St Albans Road, Sandridge, close to much-loved Heartwood Forest.

The fly-tip was first reported to council contractors Veolia back on October 1, but despite promises the rubbish would be removed the matter remained unresolved for weeks.

Eventually the Herts Ad contacted St Albans district council, and a spokesperson confirmed the rubbish would be removed this week.

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention. An Environmental Health Officer visited the scene earlier in October to check for evidence to help identify the person responsible for the fly-tipping.

"We would normally expect to clear the site within five working days after such a visit, but in this case there was a mix-up – this is the third case of fly-tipping within two months on this lane.

"Repeated fly-tipping like this is distressing for local people and expensive for the local authority - which is funded by tax payers - to clear up.

"We have made arrangements for the site to be cleared by the end of the week. Information about how to report fly-tipping, including what to do if you witness it taking place, can be found at:”