Course for the cared-for promotes safety and vigilance in the street and at home

Residents attended a 'Think Safe' course at St Albans Fire Station, and were presented with certific

Residents attended a 'Think Safe' course at St Albans Fire Station, and were presented with certificates upon its completion. - Credit: Photo supplied

Safety at home and in the street, including having the confidence to report abuse and assaults, was the main theme of a course for residents living independently with carer support.

A group of 32 people recently completed the four-week course where they learned about being safe while in the city, for example when visiting cash machines, and about hazards and risks around them.

Those taking part in the Think Safe course also visited St Albans Fire Station, where they went into the ‘danger den’, a self-contained flat where they had to spot fire risks and hazards. A spokeswoman for the station said that attendees were encouraged to talk to trusted people such as doctors, care workers, police and fire service personnel, who will arrange the right support to deal with problems raised.

She said: “There were many role plays within the course, including stealing mobile phones, bullying, getting lost and being safe while cooking, and living unsupported.”

Achievement certificates were presented to the successful attendees at the final course night, last Tuesday, September 29.

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