Couple celebrate wedding on top of St Albans Clock Tower

STANDING proud in the heart of St Albans, the city’s medieval Clock Tower’s bells have been used to ring out curfew times, wake up people and warn them during the War of the Roses.

But a very different sort of ring, also to do with matters of the heart, was the centre of attention at the iconic landmark last Friday, September 28.

History enthusiasts Claire Button and Tom Godson love the tower so much they originally wanted to get married there.

But as it is not licensed for matrimonial events they did the next best thing and had wedding photos taken there instead, after getting married at the St Albans registry office.

That meant negotiating 93 winding, narrow medieval steps to the very top of the multi-storey structure in wedding attire.

The couple enjoy bringing history to life through re-enacting historical events and St Albans holds a special place in their hearts as it is where they performed their first show.

Tom had to put on a brave act during the climb to the top of the Grade I listed building as he is afraid of heights.

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Helen Bishop, Architectural and Archaeological Society Clock Tower coordinator said: “It is a first for us and so exciting. It would be lovely to have a few more as it brings life to the old Clock Tower.”