Could the 712 service from St Albans be replaced?

THE BLIGHTED 712 service may have come to the end of the road earlier this month but another bus company is looking to fill the route with its own service.

Optimumbus is eager to speak with commuters who used the Arriva Green Line 712 service to get into London from St Albans as they believe they can offer a peak-time commuter service for a similar price.

Proprieter, Martyn Pearce, said that he needed around 30-35 people to commit to using the service on a regular basis and the VOSA licensed coach operator would be willing to run a coach into London.

He would offer weekly and monthly tickets for commuters and a higher-priced day return option.

Martyn said: “I’m just astounded that Arriva let this service go and while I don’t wish to compete with them by offering cheaper fares, I do want to fill the gap that they must have left behind and I will try and match their prices where possible.

“The 712 was full during the morning and evenings just before it was cancelled and it seems crazy to me that no other bus company has stepped up and offered to replace the service.”

Martyn needs to speak with commuters who would be interested in using the service, which would be offered on a coach with around 50 seats. There are no set times as yet and the morning and evening service can be set to suit the majority of the users.

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What the service won’t offer though is a daytime service and nor will it be accepting concessionary bus passes as it will be a service strictly for commuters.

Optimumbus are based in Chesham but have another base in Berkhamsted. The chance to run the service that Arriva says was no longer economically viable is seen by Martyn as the perfect opportunity and one that he feels could become very successful.

His only real concern is that many users of the 712 may now have purchased their rail season tickets and be unable to make the switch.

If you are interested in Martyn’s proposal email or call the company on 01494 785210.