Faith Focus: Coping when life’s unfair

John Telford

John Telford - Credit: Archant

“Life’s unfair!” Many of us might be feeling this at present. Initially it was when COVID-19 reared its ugly head, and we in St Albans, Harpenden and across the country began to experience lockdown, endless hand-washing, no physical contact with friends and family, and the great toilet roll famine.

As the weeks rolled by our exclamations were levelled at people who appeared to be breaking the rules regarding hoarding, travel, mask-wearing and distancing.

Life was again unfair when finally we were permitted to travel, but then told that on return we’d have to quarantine from certain countries, or be selectively locked down again in spiking cities.

Our latest ‘life’s unfair’ moment is around a crashed economy, questionable exam results and the reality of mass redundancies. We all know family and friends who have lost their jobs or may do – often post furlough.

Tragically, many people have died or endured serious illness, and our thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have suffered bereavement and the effect of COVID-19.

But let’s pause and consider the following points. Despite the seriousness of the pandemic, they may help us all feel a bit better.

* Compared to many in the world our lives are still superior.

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* We have enjoyed much prior to the pandemic – and even during, with mainly good weather, and reduced light, noise and emissions pollution.

* An effective vaccine may soon be developed.

* For many, platforms like Zoom have made a big difference in keeping in touch with family and friends.

* Christians recall that Jesus predicted that we would experience “trials and sorrows” in life but He has “conquered the world”.

* We believe God can be our “stronghold in times of trouble”. He leaves His peace with us, so “our hearts need not be troubled” and we needn’t be afraid if we put our “trust in Him”.

* We can often forget our own worries or stresses by helping others in need, for example by volunteering with a foodbank, or supporting the lonely and housebound.

* Taking a positive view can improve our outlook and even our health.

John Telford attends the currently online King’s Community Church.