Controversial former Catholic priest demonstrates in St Albans

Neil Horan outside St Albans Clock Tower. Picture: Archant

Neil Horan outside St Albans Clock Tower. Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

A defrocked Catholic priest led a demonstration outside St Albans clock tower this afternoon.

Neil Horan, 70, was performing an Irish jig on French Row to an audience of passers-by.

He was holding a placard which read: “I have enormous sympathy for Palestinian suffering.

“I pray the Messiah will soon come and end it all.”

The message is a reference to the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

In several previous public appearances, Mr Horan has worn a sign with the Star of David on it, which also appears on the Israeli flag.

The reverse of the placard said: “The Balfour Declaration fulfils Bible prophecy. It was God’s will.”

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The Balfour Declaration is another reference to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The declaration was made in 1917 by the British government, promising its support for the establishment of a home for Jewish people in Palestine.

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