Covid consultant criticises relaxation of pandemic restrictions

Prime minister Boris Johnson has come under fire for easing pandemic restrictions.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has come under fire for easing pandemic restrictions as cases of the Delta variant continue to rise. - Credit: Andrew Parsons/10 Downing Street/Crown Copyright/PA Wire

A double-jabbed and double Covid St Albans medic has warned locals to keep up social distancing, in the wake of “unfathomably bizarre” Boris Johnson lifting restrictions last week.

The unnamed Covid consultant - who works in a high profile role in this area to protect people from coronavirus - knows all the rules, policies and procedures surrounding the pandemic inside out.

But speaking from his sickbed, the 44-year-old father of five exclusively told the Herts Advertiser that if the health secretary and those whose careers depend on them following precautions to the letter can get coronavirus twice - even after receiving two vaccines - then anyone can.

To protect his vital job at this critical time in a global pandemic, the St Albans born and bred Covid patient necessarily wishes to remain anonymous.

But he says that his terrifying symptoms are going to be experienced by many more Covid victims as the Delta strain takes hold: he struggles to breathe climbing stairs, feels as if there’s a heavy weight on his chest, has diarrhoea, vomiting, a continuous cough and lack of taste and smell.

Last week, on what was dubbed 'Freedom Day' in some sectors, the government controversially eased measures such as the compulsory wearing of masks in certain places and social distancing to avoid passing on the virus.

But as Covid cases continue to rise, there is much confusion surrounding the ethical, moral and financial implications of lifting restrictions and the effectiveness of the vaccination programme.

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If you work for the NHS in a hospital or care home, you are still free to decline the jab because it’s considered a personal human right.

And if you aren’t, won’t or can’t be vaccinated, you are potentially prevented from certain work roles moving forward, international travel and specific entertainment and social opportunities.

The consultant said: “Part of my job, as a senior manager for a major organisation, is to encourage employees to have the vaccine but if it’s not working, why are we having it? I’m losing faith in the vaccination programme. Vaccines are an amazing opportunity to protect ourselves but it’s not for everyone.

“As a society, we owe it to our most vulnerable to protect them. If they are scared of the vaccine risks or aren’t yet at the age for receiving the injections, then why aren’t we keeping up the social measures to help protect them?

“I believe it’s totally financial. If the government won’t even protect the most vulnerable, then where does that leave us?”

After a year and four months of varying lockdown restrictions, which has limited the lives of the nation, Prime Minister Boris Johnson ignored scientific advisors who pleaded with him to wait longer to relax measures in order to avoid soaring virus rates.

While we are keen to get closer to what some call a ‘new normal’, there’s uncertainty among some people.

The Covid consultant added: “I do this every day, all day. I follow it exceptionally closely. And I find it utterly unfathomably bizarre to lift restrictions and that’s not based on scientific data.

“People are tired and confused with the information. It’s all conflicting and tricky to keep up with. If our health secretary is now isolating, can we please have clarity on why it’s OK for people to keep being killed because of government easing?

“Just because they want ‘herd immunity’, doesn’t mean people won’t die. What if it was our children?”

Up to now, 5.3 million people have suffered from the virus in UK and 128K have died from it.