Concerns over trip hazard at St Albans market

This curb presesnts a trip hazard on busy market days

This curb presesnts a trip hazard on busy market days - Credit: Archant

Concerns have been raised for the safety of market goers while a city centre trip hazard remains unmarked.

An almost hidden kerb in Market Place, St Albans, has presented problems on market days, where the stalls and busy walkways mask the drop in the pavement.

According to one market trader, who wishes to remain anonymous, the drop has seen numerous shoppers trip and hurt themselves: “I see at least two to three people fall over each time I am here.

“It’s really dangerous and it could seriously hurt someone. We’ve made complaints to the council but they said they need more from the public to do something about it.”

One market-goer badly hurt on Saturday after falling over the kerb said: “It’s awful that nothing has been done about it.

“I have really badly hurt my ankle and couldn’t walk properly for days. I haven’t even had an apology from the council.

“If someone elderly tripped over, the consequences could be far more serious than a swollen ankle.”

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A Herts county council spokesperson said: “We are sorry to hear that someone has fallen over and hurt themselves and wish them a speedy recovery.

“The section over which she tripped is not a defect but a kerbstone which separates the road from the pavement and as such does not require a repair.

“We appreciate that on busy market days the kerbs are not as obvious as they would normally be, and would urge people to take extra care when walking the route while the market is operating.”

St Albans district council, responsible for organising market days, declined to comment on the issue.