Concerns over demolition of Harpenden landmark

The familiar sight of Harpenden's water tower overlooking the town

The familiar sight of Harpenden's water tower overlooking the town - Credit: Archant

Demolition of a Harpenden landmark is being opposed by the town council which shares residents’ concerns about the future of the site.

Telefonica has submitted a planning application for a new 20-metre metal lattice telecommunications tower close to the 26-metre-tall water tower in Shakespeare Road (pictured) which would subsequently be taken down.

But while there is little opposition to the demolition of the redundant water tower, residents have voiced concerns about the future intentions for the site. They would also like to see the new tower disguised in some way.

At its planning committee, Harpenden town councillors agreed to recommend refusal to the district council which will determine the application. They were concerned about the visual aspect of the telecom tower on the surrounding properties, some of which are in the conservation area.

They also called for ‘more innovative camouflaged design equipment’ and voiced concerns about the screening referred to in the application because of the uncertainty created by it originating from the gardens of neighbouring properties.

Calling for further information on the future of the site, the committee felt that insufficient research had been carried out on the possibility of sharing facilities with the other service providers currently in the same location,

A decision will be taken by a forthcoming St Albans council planning committee.