Computer glitch affects compensation for First Capital Connect commuters

SOME First Capital Connect rail commuters have received less compensation than they were due for tardy train travel because of a temporary glitch in the company’s “delay repay” scheme.

Season ticket holder Simon Miles wrote to the Herts Advertiser to warn fellow rail travellers to double check compensation paid by the rail operator after he received less money through the scheme than he was entitled to.

Commuters can claim compensation from First Capital Connect within 28 days of a train delay but Simon’s compensation was incorrectly estimated as FCC calculated the claim based on his season ticket.

This had been discounted following various well-publicised problems afflicting travellers last year including months of disruption and cancelled trains.

The St Albans resident who commutes to London where he works for a bank, said he submitted ‘delay repay’ forms following disruptions to the Thameslink service on July 19 and 20.

But upon receipt of his rail vouchers Simon noticed that they “seemed to be less than I would usually get.”

He explained: “I called customer services at FCC and questioned the difference in amounts and they agreed that I was correct and it should be more.

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“The reason for this difference is that compensation should be based on a percentage of the price of a full price season ticket.

“However, as I got my 7.5 percent discount due to the [various rail travel] problems last year, the calculation was being based on my ‘discounted’ season ticket.

“I thought this may be useful for all Thameslink season ticket holders to know.”

A First Capital Connect spokesman said: “The compensation offered to our customers through the delay repay scheme should be based on the normal fare not the discounted amount we offered our customers for the sustained disruption experienced over the winter.

“We are aware of only three cases where the compensation has been wrongly calculated and have already put this right and rebriefed our staff who process compensation claims.

“They will be extra vigilant to identify season tickets that include the winter discount.”

He added: “If anyone has any questions about their claim, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0845 026 4700.”