Complaints over cleanliness of St Albans Abbey Flyer trains

The dirty Abbey Flyer line

The dirty Abbey Flyer line - Credit: Archant

A ‘shameful’ and filthy train service has been blasted by its regular users who say they are tired of complaining about its current untidy state.

The uncleanliness of the Abbey Flyer line, run by London Midland, has reached an all time high according to user Sanjay Kulkarni, of Chiswell Green.

After taking journeys in the past week, he said the train looked like it had been vandalised by “litter louts” with rubbish and food strewn all over the carriage and seats.

In response, the train company said they had recently lost their regular daily cleaner who they were in the process of replacing and that the service has a deep clean once a week at a Northampton depot.

But Sanjay claims this is “nonsense” and that the train has always been dirty: “It’s just got worse. They clean it once a week only.

“It’s a very, very neglected line. London Midland has absolutely no interest in cleaning it. Really it’s shameful. They say they will do something and then nothing.”

The finance worker takes the train from How Wood to Watford and then on to Euston and said: “The point is not about a regular clean, which I understand happens once a week.

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“The point is about why cannot this simple and basic human need of keeping the train clean to a very basic and simple standard be fulfilled by London Midland?”

He said there was a cleaner at Watford Junction on the way into the capital who, “scavenges around for something to pick up on platform 11, while ignoring tons of rubbish inside the stationary carriages”, adding: “Can London Midland not get this cleaner to do a basic litter pick at least once a day, if not more? Why wait a whole week knowing full well there are litter louts?

“On a positive note, I can say that on my return journey on Saturday evening, I saw a smartly dressed security guard patrolling and a man in red overalls walking with a rubbish collection stick.”

The train user is not alone in his quest to get the train line looking clean regularly with several other commuters supporting his points. They plan to take their campaign to local MP Anne Main if no permanent change is made.

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