Colney Heath FC acquire a defibrilator

London Colney FC are now equipped with a defibrilator

London Colney FC are now equipped with a defibrilator


A football club has had a medical life-line installed on their premises after a member suffered a cardiac arrest.

Colney Heath FC has been given a defibrillator as part of Sudden Adult Death Trust (SAD) UK’s ‘Big Shock’ campaign, which aims to have them installed in all communities.

Defibrillators help to restore a regular heart beat if someone goes in to cardiac arrest, improving their chance of survival by 50%.

A former player and member of the club was at a Hatfield swimming pool when he had a cardiac arrest, but was saved with the help of a defibrillator.

The incident spurred the club to raise money towards installing one in the local community, as the nearest one was four miles away.

Manager of youth team Richard Smith said: “I think it is very reassuring. The chance of us needing one is low, but it would be a life saver if needed.

“If we never need it, that’s great, but if we do and it saves a life then that’s great too.”

Members of the football club were this week being trained to use the defibrillator.

Anne Jolly, founder of SADS UK, said: “By having a defibrillator on the premises, Colney Heath FC is giving players and personnel the best chance of survival if they suffer a cardiac arrest on the premises.”

The £1,300 needed to install the defibrillator was achieved with sponsors and support from the charity, and will be based at the club for the community to use.

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