St Albans coffee vendor launches biodegradeable pods

The biodegradable pods from Coffee Ethic.

The biodegradable pods from Coffee Ethic. - Credit: Archant

A St Albans vendor has launched biodegradable coffee pods to combat plastic waste.

Coffee Ethic, which has a stall at St Albans district council’s offices, has created coffee pods which can be used in Nespresso machines, then break down in your garden.

The CEO of Coffee Ethic’s parent charity Druglink, Sarah Clark, said: “Coffee Ethic customers have often asked us about coffee pods, but we have always had concerns around the negative impacts of packaging on the environment.

“Our customers can now enjoy our fair trade and organic coffee whilst contributing to a great cause, and of course the future of the planet.”

Coffee Ethic is a not-for-profit organisation which is intended to help people build skills, experience and confidence, while Druglink seeks to tackle drug and alcohol use in the community.

To sample or order the pods, contact or call 01923 260 733