What are your messages of hope for climate change action?

Richard Lafford, Jo Pritchard and Clare Miles from St Albans Friends of the Earth creating the ‘burning globe’ sculpture.

Richard Lafford, Jo Pritchard and Clare Miles from St Albans Friends of the Earth creating the ‘burning globe’ sculpture. - Credit: St Albans FOE

Your hopes and aspirations for action on climate change will feature on a huge sculpture of a burning planet.

St Albans Friends of the Earth are calling on residents to send their messages for a public rally ahead of the COP26 global climate talks being hosted by the UK in November.

Artistic volunteers will be creating a papier maché sculpture of the world in flames, with the shapes of the continents made from blue and green paper slips featuring people's hopes for the Glasgow event.

Volunteer Lee Wood said: “We are asking local people to send us their messages and hopes for climate action, that we will use to help create our ‘Globe of Hope’. So many of our voices and concerns are being lost in the filibustering narrative from some of our leaders. We don’t want our hopes for a greener planet to go up in flames.”

The St Albans city centre rally is being held as part of the Global Day for Climate Justice on Saturday November 6, when groups across the world will be asking politicians to listen to the voices of ordinary people.

The Global Day for Climate Justice is organised by the COP26 Coalition, which is asking leaders to reach an effective and fair agreement at the climate talks, and to ensure that local and indigenous voices are considered when world leaders make their decisions.

St Albans MP Daisy Cooper will be speaking at the Clock Tower as the supporters gather after walking through the city.

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Amanda Yorwerth, from St Albans Friends of the Earth said: “Ordinary people in our district are very concerned about the lack of action on climate issues, and we want to ensure our voices are heard at the climate conference. Governments are doing too little, too late. As we recover from the pandemic this is a unique time to change our systems from the bottom up with local communities everywhere speaking up for what they need. Everyone who cares about the climate crisis is invited to send a message, and to come along on the day.”

Local environmental charity Sustainable St Albans is also supporting the day of action, and trustee Catherine Ross said: “Many people find hope through taking meaningful action. At the rally, we will distribute our climate action cards with 16 simple, effective steps individuals can take to help reduce carbon emissions.

"The practical actions are part of the St Albans’ Count Us In campaign, that local people are signing up to online. One of the most important steps is to raise our voices and tell our politicians about our concerns, and we hope that this day of action helps achieve this.”

Climate change activists Catherine Ross, Amanda Yorwerth and Heidi Carruthers.

Climate change activists Catherine Ross, Amanda Yorwerth and Heidi Carruthers. - Credit: Sustainable St Albans

Heidi Carruthers, people and wildlife officer at Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust said: “It’s important to remember that our local wild spaces can be fantastic at trapping and storing carbon, but they continue to become degraded by human activities. I hope that our leaders can help us to break this cycle to restore and create more habitats to support wildlife, and in turn to help combat the climate crisis.”

The rally begins at 11.30am on the paved area by the Civic Centre offices with the speakers presenting at 12.30pm. The action is being held in solidarity with marches in Glasgow, London and across the UK.

Amanda added: “Everyone is welcome to send messages, and to come along on the day. This protest is intended to be law abiding, peaceful and family friendly. We are asking people to stay at home if they have Covid symptoms, or a positive test, and to respect others’ safety. “

Residents who want to send their messages online are asked to visit the St Albans Friends of the Earth website at https://www.stalbansfoe.org