Christmas miracle: beloved bunny thought long gone found in St Albans

Anwen and her bunny

Anwen and her bunny - Credit: Archant

When the three-year-old daughter of Herts Ad editor Matt Adams lost her much-loved cuddly rabbit after a day out in St Albans it looked like there was going to be a teary start to the festive season.

Anwen and her bunny

Anwen and her bunny - Credit: Archant

But through a remarkable coincidence which could almost be described as a Christmas miracle, the beloved bunny was found safe and sound and soon back in her grateful hands.

Matt explained: “My daughter Anwen takes this bunny everywhere, it is the first thing she asks for when she wakes up in the morning and the only thing she wants when she goes to bed.

“We’d been out in St Albans celebrating Christmas with the Herts Ad team and caught a taxi back home, at which point she’d dropped the bunny after falling asleep, and we hadn’t noticed until it was too late.

“Cue panicked calls to assorted taxi firms, desperate internet searches and a journey plan to visit nearby Mothercare branches for a replacement.”

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But before Matt and his wife needed to break the bad news to Anwen, he received an unexpected call from Herts Ad reporter Sophie Crockett.

Sophie had ended up catching the exact same taxi later in the evening, and spotted Anwen’s bunny lying in the back of the cab.

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She explained: “As soon as I opened the taxi door I saw the bunny on the floor and was sure it was Anwen’s - she’d been playing with it all afternoon.

“I asked the taxi driver if he had previously dropped off a couple and their daughter and he confirmed he had. I instantly broke the good news to Matt and he was thrilled. What are the chances?”

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