Former Mayor donates book sales to Keech Hospice Care

Michael Weaver donated the sales of his book to Keech Hospice Care, with the cheque received by chief fundraiser Steve Albon.

Michael Weaver donated the sales of his book to Keech Hospice Care, with the cheque received by chief fundraiser Steve Albon. - Credit: Mike Hodge

A former Harpenden Mayor has donated more than a thousand pounds to Keech Hospice Care after selling copies of his memoirs.

Michael Weaver starting penning his autobiographical book 'It's Not Over Until It's Over' while lying in bed in the Luton and Dunstable Hospital for several weeks.

Bored at the mundanity of the experience, he started to scribble stories of his life on scraps of paper, after jokingly asking a friend: "What on Earth could go into my obituary?"

He was told to wrack his brain, as there were loads of stories he could tell which could form the heart of his memoirs. Finally back home again, typing away with one finger, he persevered in turning it into a book.

Michael said: "Right from day one I made it clear there was no desire to make any money out of this, I just wanted to describe all the ups and downs in my life, my love for Harpenden, running my old shop C&A , becoming a local councillor and particularly getting across the enjoyment of that life with my family.

"It's all been so worthwhile.” 

Then came Covid, and Michael realised a particular local charity he had supported for years would be suffering with sources for their funds drying up, and decided to donate all proceeds from sales to Keech Hospice Care, which supports terminally ill children.

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Years ago, after visiting Keech as Mayor, Michael said: “You leave Keech with a tear in your eye but a smile on your face. It's simply incredible that terminally ill young children can play, still have fun and have a purpose in their inevitably short lives.” 

Keech chief fundraiser Steve Albon said: “Michael is a really great advocate for Keech Hospice Care, inspiring others to support their local hospice. The donations raised from his book sales helps us to ensure we can continue to provide our vital service to so many.”