Cyclists complete daylight dash from Darlington

The St Albans cyclists raised more then £2500 for charity.

The St Albans cyclists raised more then £2500 for charity. - Credit: Richard Witter

A duo of determined cyclists have completed an epic 260-mile ride from Darlington to St Albans in one day.

Richard Witter and Christian Mathiesen cycled the distance in aid of the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust and the ME Association.

Richard said: "We made it back for sunset at 9.17pm and have raised £2,500.

"It was an amazing experience. To be heading pretty much due south all day and see the sun track from east to west was incredible. The weather was brilliant. It was a unique, if slightly bonkers way to mark the longest day!

"In terms of achieving it, we were on such a tight schedule that we really had to minimise time off the bike, so stops for water or comfort breaks had to be super efficient. 

"The funniest moment for me came about 12 hours in, when bits of me were beginning to hurt. I had a pack of paracetamol in my bag, but my wife had stuck motivational "Go Dad Go" stickers all over all my gear before I packed. The sticker was covering the paracetamol so I couldn't open it!"

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