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St Albans Mayor Cllr Annie Brewster opens the Clock Tower for its 2014 season

St Albans Mayor Cllr Annie Brewster opens the Clock Tower for its 2014 season - Credit: photo supplied

Time is ticking for visitors to enjoy St Albans’ medieval Clock Tower, which has just opened for its 2014 season.

Climbing up 93 steps for an impressive vista from the top of the iconic structure recently was one of the attraction’s for one of the first visitors for the season, Mayor Cllr Annie Brewster.

The historic tower, which is over 600 years old, will open every weekend from now until the end of September.

The open days are staffed by members of the St Albans and Herts Architectural and Archaeological Society and St Albans Civic Society.

A spokeswoman for the organisations said: “It is the only surviving medieval town clock tower in the country.

“It was built so the town could have its own time-keeping instead of relying on the Abbey and still has its original bell, ‘Gabriel’, which was rung in 1455 when the first Battle of St Albans raged in the city centre streets.

“Climbing when the clock strikes the hour is an experience!”

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Visitors walking up the spiral stone stairway to the top go through a room where the entire family of a shopkeeper lived. They can also see both the clock and the huge bell.

Adults pay £1 and accompanied children can visit for free.

Those interested in helping to keep the unique building open to visitors by volunteering for a short session can email Jill Singer: joxhey@gmail.com or phone her on 01727 838965. Alternatively call Helen Bishop on 01727 730825.