Celebrate Easter in churches across St Albans, Harpenden, Radlett and villages

On a photo of a candle as a line. A photo on a dark background. The photo is made in Ukraine.

On a photo of a candle as a line. A photo on a dark background. The photo is made in Ukraine. - Credit: Archant

Why not celebrate Easter in one of the many churches across the district?

Churches across St Albans, Harpenden and district will be joining millions of other Christians in declaring ‘Christ is Risen!’ on Easter Sunday (April 1). The major celebration in the Christian calendar comes just days after Good Friday, when Christians lament Jesus Christ’s death on the cross. Just as Easter celebrates new life from death, Christ’s resurrection brings the hope of a new beginning and of eternal life to everyone who puts their faith in Christ. That’s a reason for celebration and rejoicing! Your local church warmly invites you to join them to mark Good Friday and celebrate Easter Day. Rev Peter Crumpler, Associate Minister, St Leonard’s Church,Sandridge

Good Friday

All Saints Harpenden - 1.30pm, Walk of Witness and worship for Good Friday

Crabtree Church - 9am Good Friday reflective service

St Peter and St Paul, Kimpton - 10.30am, Walk of Witness followed by short church service

Christ Church St Albans - 10.40am Good Friday worship service

Most Read

SS Alban and Stephen RC Church - 12pm Stations of the Cross for children, 3pm Liturgy of the Passion, 6.30pm Stations of the Cross

Dagnall Street Baptist Church - 10.15am reflective worship

St John Fisher School - 9am mass

Marshalswick Baptist Free Church - 3pm reflections on Silences at the Cross

Hatfield Road Methodist Church - 9am Holy Communion, 10.30am all-age celebration

The Vineyard Church - 12noon to 2pm The Passion of the Christ screening.

Homewood Road URC - 10.30am family service with Holy Communion, 2pm contemplateive worship

Marlborough Road Methodist Church - 8.30am Holy Communion, 10.30am all-age worship

St Leonard’s Church, Sandridge - 2pm At the Foot of the Cross reflection

Holy Trinity Church, Frogmore - 2pm At the Foot of the Cross Communion Service

St Leonard’s Flamstead - 11am sung Holy Communion, 6pm Evensong

St John’s Markyate - 12noon Walk of Witness starting at Markyate Baptist Chapel, 3pm liturgy of Good Friday benefice service

Spicer Street Church - 10.30am Good Friday service

Christ Church, Watling Street - 10am family service leading to Walk of Witness, 12noon Good Friday passion play and devotion

St Nicholas, Church Green, Harpenden - 9.15am morning praise all-age servce, 10.30am united Procession of Witness from Rothamsted Park gates to Church Green, 12noon Liturgy of the Cross

St Mary the Virgin, Kinsbourne Green - 9am Stations of the Cross

All Saints, Station Road - 1.30pm Procession of Witness starting outside Sauncey Wood School

St Mary’s Church Marshalswick - 11am worship and activities for all ages followed by hot cross buns and coffee, 1.30pm liturgy of the day

St Mary’s Church Redbourn - 10am all-age service, 1.30pm sung Good Friday liturgy

St Peter’s London Colney - 1pm Good Friday service

St Stephen’s Church, Watling Street - 10.15am Ecumenical Walk of Witness, 2pm An Hour at the Cross

St Julian’s Church, Abbots Avenue - 4pm children’s Good Friday service

High Street Methodist, Harpenden - 2pm Good Friday service

St Luke’s, Cell Barnes Lane - 2.30pm An Hour Before the Cross

St Helen’s Church, High Street - 2pm reflective service of meditation and music

Wheathampstead Churches Together - 9.45am Procession of Witness starting on Lower Luton Road

St Paul’s Church, Hatfield Road - 2pm quiet reflective service

St Saviour’s Church, Sandpit Lane - 10am-12noon Messy Church, 12noon Preaching the Passion, 2pm Liturgy of the Cross and Communion

St Albans Cathedral - 12noon three hours devotion, Preaching of the Passion, 1.30pm three hours devotion, the Liturgy of Good Friday

St Michael’s Church, St Michael’s Street - 12noon Good Friday Liturgy, 1pm Preaching of the Cross, 2pm children’s service

St Mary’s, Childwick Green - 8pm Compline

Easter Sunday

St Saviour’s Church, Sandpit Lane - 9.30am Procession and Festal Mass with children’s Easter Egg hunt, 6pm Taize worship with exposition and Benediction

St Leonard’s Church, Sandridge - 10am all-age celebration with Communion followed by Easter Egg hunt, 6pm Celtic Easter Communion

SS Alban and Stephen RC Church - 8am mass, 9am Mass at Marshalswick Mass Centre (St John Fisher School, Hazlemere Road) 9.30am special family Mass in church, 11.30am Mass in church

St Stephen’s Church, Watling Street - 6am dawn open air service followed by Holy Communion and breakfast, 8am Holy Communion

St Julian’s Church, Abbots Avenue - 9.30am all-age Easter Communion service

St Michael’s Church, St Michael’s Street - 9.30am festival Communion

London Colney Baptist Church - 10.30am Easter Sunday celebration

St Mary’s, Childwick Green - 11.15am festival Communion

St Albans Cathedral - 10am combined Eucharist, 3pm choral Evensong

St Michael’s Church, St Michael’s Street - 9.30am festival Communion

St Paul’s Church, Hatfield Road - 8am traditional Holy Communion, 10.30am Easter Day family Communion, 6.30pm evening praise

High Street Methodist, Harpenden - 10.30am Easter celebration

St Helen’s School hall, Brewhouse Hill - 11.15am Easter Praise, informal worship for families

St Helen’s Church, High Street - 9.30am Easter Communion

St Peter’s, Lamer Lane - 5.30am Son Rise with Communion, 11.15am Easter celebration

St Luke’s, Cell Barnes Lane - 10.30am all-age celebration with Communion

Christ Church Harpenden - 9.30am family Communion (URC), 10.30am Easter guest Sunday for all ages (held at Roundwood Park School)

St Mary’s Church Redbourn - 8am Holy Communion, 10am all-age Eucharist, 12noon Holy Communion, 6.30pm Easter choral Evensong

St Nicholas, Church Green, Harpenden - 8am Holy Communion with hymns, 9.30am sung Eucharist, 11.30am morning praise with Holy Communion, 6.30pm spoken Holy Communion

All Saints, Station Road - 6.30am Lighting the Easter Fire and first Communion of Easter followed by breakfast, 10.30am joint worship with Easter Communion followed by Easter activities

St Peter’s London Colney - 10m Eucharist service

St Mary’s Church Marshalswick - 9.30am parish Communion with renewal of baptism vows

St Mary the Virgin, Kinsbourne Green - 9.30am family Communion

Holy Trinity Church, Frogmore - 10.30am all-age Easter celebration

Christ Church, Watling Street - 8am Easter Holy Communion, 10am Easter family Communion

St John’s, Gills Hill, Radlett - 10am Easter Family Communion

Spicer Street Church - 9.30am, 11.15am, 6.30pm - Easter Sunday services

St John’s Markyate - 9.30am sung Holy Communion with rise and shine

St Leonard’s Flamstead - 6am mass of the dawn followed by breakfast at the vicarage 10am morning prayer and litany, 10.30am walk to the methodist chapel for family service

All Saints Harpenden - 6.30am and 10.30am worship for Easter with Holy Communion.

Crabtree Church - 10.30am Easter morning all-age celebration

St Peter and St Paul, Kimpton - 8am and 9.30am Holy Communion

The Vineyard Church - 9.30am and 11.30am Easter Sunday services

Christ Church St Albans - 9am Holy Communion, 10.40am family celebration with Communion.

Cornerstone Church, Cell Barnes Lane - 11.15am praise and preaching on the resurrection of Jesus

Trinity URC - 10am communion service

Dagnall Street Baptist Church - 9am Communion service followed by breakfast, 10.30am family worship

City Church, Lyon Way - 10.30am Easter celebration including baptism

Forest Town Church, Lyon Way - 10am Easter Sunday family service with bring and share lunch

SS Alban and Stephen RC Church - 8am, 9.30am, 11.30am mass

Park Street Baptist Church - 10.30am all-age Easter celebration

St John the Baptist, Church Lane - 10.30am family communion

Marshalswick Baptist Free Church - 10.15am Easter celebration ‘He is Risen’.

Trinity URC - 8.30am breakfast, 10am worship including Holy Communion