Can you help neglected St Albans cat?

ST ALBANS: After being found starving and neglected in an alleyway, Pru the cat is fighting fit and looking for a fresh start before Christmas.

The young black adult short-hair cat was discovered in St Albans and although she was microchipped her original owners could not be found.

She is currently in the care of the local Cats Protection branch but is desperately hoping to find a new home soon so she can spend the festive season snuggled up in front of a open fire or large heater.

A spokesperson for the charity said: “Luckily Pru was found just in time and now, after a few months, she has been nursed back to robust health by one of the indoor fosterers at St Albans Cats Protection. As sometimes happens with strays, or cats who have not had proper feeding, Pru has now taken every opportunity to eat and, as a consequence, is a tiny bit overweight, so is now on a diet.

“Because of her experience of neglect, she can be wary of new situations at first but is very adaptable and immediately gets cosy on a warm sofa or in front of a heater. Ideally Pru would love to experience home comforts again and is the kind of cat who would suit someone who has a garden as Pru will want to go out again in the spring when the weather is warmer.”

If you would like to meet Pru or find out more information about rehoming her contact St Albans Cats Protection on 0845 3712064 or visit