Campaigning St Albans mum to carry Paralympic Torch

A MUM who became devoted to helping amputees in developing countries after her daughter lost a leg when she was hit by a bus will proudly carry the Paralympic flame next week.

Sarah Hope, of Verulam Road, St Albans, was involved in a tragic road accident five years ago when she sadly lost her mother and her daughter Pollyanna, just two at the time, had to have a leg amputated.

Since the incident she was inspired to set up a charity in her mother’s honour, called Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope, which works to give prosthetic arms and legs to children in developing countries who have suffered limb loss.

And this is why she has been selected to take part in the 24-hour Paralympic torch relay in London next Wednesday, August 29.

The excited mum of three said: “I was delighted to be nominated because it is a wonderful thing to do. Our charity is all about amputees so it is really important to me to carry the flame for all amputees who we are going to try and help.

“Life as an amputee is not hopeless and the Paralympic Games is a great representation of the fact as a disabled person you can lead a fulfilled and happy existence.”

Sarah will be running with the torch alongside four other people involved in the charity, including her twin sister Victoria, who also helped found Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope.

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The five women will take the flame through the capital as it makes it way to the Olympic Stadium ready for the official Paralympic Games opening ceremony.

And Sarah’s daughter, who is now able to lead a normal life thanks to her prosthetic limb, can’t wait to go along and cheer on her mum.

Sarah added: “When I hold the torch I will be lighting the flame of hope for thousands of amputees in developing countries, and I will also be carrying it on behalf on Pollyanna and my mother who are my inspiration.”