Campaign: Respect on Redbourn Road

Cllr Maxine Crawley has pledged £10,000 to safety improvements on Redbourn Road

Cllr Maxine Crawley has pledged £10,000 to safety improvements on Redbourn Road - Credit: Archant

The tragic death of a 57-year-old man on Redbourn Road has prompted the Herts Advertiser to launch a campaign to remind motorists and cyclists to share the stretch of road safely and responsibly.

Two weeks ago at around 6.25pm Mark Greenwood was killed when he collided with a VW Golf while cycling along the road towards Redbourn.

In the last decade Redbourn Road has also claimed the life of a pedestrian in 2004, and 14 people have been seriously injured after being involved in collisions, including another cyclist in 2012.

We think one death is one too many.

In response, we are launching a campaign, entitled Respect on Redbourn Road, which will seek to raise road safety awareness, and promote a mutual understanding between road users travelling on four and two wheels.

Locally residents and lobbyists have been pushing for change on Redbourn Road for several years, including St Albans Cycle Campaign (STACC) which has this week endorsed our campaign.

Committee member Mike Hartley said: “STACC supports any efforts to make cycling along that road safer, particularly addressing speed of cars and the closeness to which they pass cyclists.”

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“It is a timely response to what was a very tragic incident,” he added.

Mike continued: “We look forward to progress on this issue. I think it is about time that we tackle the issue of this road and cycling facilities in St Albans and the surrounding district.”

Edmund King, the president of the AA, who lives in St Albans, has also added his support to the cause, commenting: “There are thousands of cyclists in the St Albans area – many of whom are also drivers – so it is in all our interests to promote safer cycling on all the roads in our area.

“This is certainly something that I am personally committed to as is the AA. Hence we applaud the Herts Advertiser for raising the issue and will be lending our support.”

If you want to back our campaign write to us at the address on page 2, or email or tweet us @hertsad using the hashtag #respectRedbournRoad