Campaign launched to fight Sandridge homes bid

STRONG opposition from incensed residents has greeted plans to develop houses on Green Belt land in Sandridge.

Cllr Geoff Churchard, who represents Marshalswick North on the district council, confirmed that a planning development company wrote to the parish council to inquire about building on land behind Langley Grove and Shottfield Close.

At the moment the plans are just in the proposal stage and it is only a possibility that the land will be built on.

Warning people not to get over-worried about the issue, Cllr Churchard said: “Until we see the definite plans we are uncertain.

“We have no idea what’s proposed.”

He explained that a main reason the proposal was facing opposition was because of the number of derelict garages and other sites which could easily be developed.

He said that Sandridge was a Green Belt settlement and as a result many sites were ‘defensible’ and ‘sensitive’ to the area.

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He added: “I haven’t found anyone in favour.”

Penny Stanton, of Langley Grove, first heard about the development through the Sandridge Focus newsletter and is calling for it to be stopped.

She said: “I am concerned about the impact it will have. The amount of traffic will increase on the road.”

Asked about how other residents felt Penny said: “They are wondering why they are using the green and what’s going to happen.”

She added that homeowners in the area would lose their lovely view and potentially value on their houses.

Penny has launched a Facebook page to encourage residents to rally together and prevent the development plans.