More than 1,000 vehicles snapped by St Albans red traffic light camera in a year

The camera at the junction at Watson's Walk, St Albans. Picture: Matt Adams

The camera at the junction at Watson's Walk, St Albans. Picture: Matt Adams - Credit: Archant

More than 1,000 vehicles have been snapped in a year by the only red traffic light camera in St Albans.

The camera penalises motorists who fail to stop at the junction of Watson's Walk and London Road, and a Freedom of Information request revealed 1,325 cars were flashed in 2019.

Those drivers were issued with a notice of intended prosecution.

St Albans resident Stephen Penney said: "I got caught by it and sent on a course which covered many different types of motoring offences across the whole of Hertfordshire. About a third of the people on the course had been caught at that set of lights."

Carole O'Brien said: "We got caught due to stopping for an ambulance. My husband got three points on his licence and a fine."

Caroline Adams said: "My 83-year-old mum, who I have to say is still a very observant driver and would never jump a light, got a fine late last year. She was so scared that she paid the fine. I wanted to appeal as I don't believe she would have jumped a light."

But Fiona Sanderson who used to live on Watson's Walk says that people drive far too fast down there and always skip the lights. She thinks the camera does an important job.

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Adam French was caught there: " I went through as the light was just going red. It was my own fault. I paid the price by getting a ticket."

Joyce Goodwin added: "This junction is notorious for catching people! If they get caught, it's their own fault surely?"

A spokesperson from road safety organisation IAM RoadSmart Rodney Kumar said: "There are clear and obvious safety implications of running a red light - choosing to do this puts many other people at serious risk of a collision and injury.

"The camera will be triggered when a driver has clearly had sight of a red light and has chosen not to stop for it, when they have had the chance to come to a halt safely.

"The fine and points are there to make sure those drivers think about what they have done; that their actions have put other innocent people at great risk."