“People need to be more aware”; Blue badge user angered by people parking in disabled bays

Cambridge Road, where Mr Lockerby lives.

Cambridge Road, where Mr Lockerby lives. - Credit: Archant

A 52-year-old man with disabilities says he is “angry” people are not more aware of why they cannot park in blue-badge spaces.

Gary Lockerby relies on his car due to a life-limiting form of motor neurone disease which stops him walking more than 10 yards.

Yet he has to put up with cars without a badge being parked in the disabled spaces near his home on Cambridge Road.

Two vans have also been adjacently parked on the street since last year, blocking Mr Lockerby from getting out.

The former magazine designer said: “I have had enough. It shouldn’t happen.

“I never know where I’m going to park, because the vans take up a space and the knock-on effect is people park in the blue-badge spaces.

“So I’m quite angry.”

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One of the vans has been there since last summer, the other since December.

And on Thursday morning, a car had parked in the disabled space.

Mr Lockerby, who has applied for another disabled space, relies on his car to go shopping, run errands, and see his brother, who is in a care home with an advanced stage of the condition Mr Lockerby has.

“Without a doubt, I rely on the car. I would be housebound without it.

“People need to be more aware. They do not think it matters so there needs to be greater awareness.”

There are a couple of other people on his street who are disabled and use their cars to get around.

He has contacted St Albans council about it, but says they are “washing their hands of it”.

“Nothing gets done and this has been going on for a month now.”

St Albans council’s head of community services Joe Tavernier said: “A disabled bay was due to be installed in Cambridge Road last month.

“Unfortunately, a van was parked on the spot, preventing the painting work from taking place, and has remained there since.

“We have traced the owner of the vehicle which apparently has had its licence plates stolen. We will be talking to him shortly about moving the van so we can install the disabled bay.

“We have kept the resident informed of the hold-up and the actions we have been taking to resolve the issue. I apologise to him for the frustrating delay.”