Call to tackle lattes littering outside St Albans coffee shop

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Starbucks logo - Credit: Archant

Persistent littering around a well-known 24 hour coffee shop has left one resident down in the dumps.

Starbucks in Chiswell Green sees punters pull up to the coffee shop at all hours of the day and night.

But the constant customers often leave rubbish trails around the area, with the local community picking up the pieces.

One resident in particular argues that the persistent littering is making the area look untidy.

Samantha Nanayakkara, 38, who lives in Albany Mews, Chiswell Green, said: “People chuck rubbish out of their window and drive off.”

Samantha takes it upon herself to litter pick the area. She added. “The other day I managed to collect two bin bags full in the road behind the shop. There is just so much I’m out there nearly every day.”

Despite being in contact with Starbucks numerous times, Samantha has yet to find a resolution.

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She added: “There’s even rubbish outside my own front door. I’ve had this since 2010, and I’ve left it this long because I didn’t want to make a fuss. I’ve been in contact with various managers but it seems to have got me nowhere.

“McDonald’s has employed people to help clear up after customers, so I don’t see why Starbucks can’t do it.

“I’m just so frustrated; they’re a large corporation but they won’t take responsibility.”

Since the Herts Advertiser raised this issue with Starbucks, the coffee shop has put plans in place to combat the issue.

Starbucks district manager, Leonie Fitzpatrick, said: “We have identified an issue with the wheelie bins outside our store at Chiswell Green and have put a plan in place with the store team to ensure overspilldoes not occur.

“The team will also be litter picking around the store, to keep the surrounding area tidy.

“We apologise to local members of the community who have been affected by this issue and we remain committed to keeping the area around this store clean and tidy.”

The district council has also put plans in place. Richard Shwe, head of community services, said: “We had reports of a litter problem down at Albany Mews from residents so we increased litter picking there from once a quarter to once a fortnight.”

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