Express coach link to Stansted Airport from St Albans, Welwyn Hatfield and Potters Bar proposed by transport group

Do we need a new express coach link between Herts and Stansted Airport? Picture: London Stansted Air

Do we need a new express coach link between Herts and Stansted Airport? Picture: London Stansted Airport - Credit: London Stansted Airport

A new transport link between Stansted Airport and parts of Hertfordshire is being mooted in response to pandemic job and travel cuts.

The proposed express bus or coach route would run from the airport via Hertford, Welwyn Hatfield, Potters Bar, London Colney, Bricket Wood and through to Watford.

Currently, a train journey to Stansted from the St Albans district can take up to three hours, and involve an expensive mix of train and tube travel.

It is being suggested by the Potters Bar and St Albans Transport User Group (PBSAUG), and spokesman Paul Spelzini said: “Further proposed rail reductions, the new A102 Hadham bypass and the pandemic mean that a new link from central Herts is needed more than ever to provide a more direct journey to Stansted Airport to boost the badly hit travel industry which has many local air users.

“HCC’s proposed Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) scheme would not serve the airport and undermine the viability of existing bus services.”

Herts county council’s strategy for the A414 and parallel routes was adopted in 2019, and forms a strategic east-west transport corridor across the southern part of the county linking into Harlow and Essex in the east. The corridor is critical to supporting current and future travel in and around Herts, but already experiences significant traffic congestion and poor journey time reliability.

A Mass Rapid Transit system forms part of the strategy, and although substantial technical studies have taken place, at this stage the final form and routes for the MRT are yet to be determined.

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Derrick Ashley, county council cabinet member for growth, infrastructure, planning and the economy said: “Although these proposals are at an early stage, we’re excited about this scheme and the huge difference that it can make to how people get about the county. Building a safe, reliable and modern passenger transport system will allows us to support the needs and new ways of working for our communities and businesses.

“We want to harness the most modern travel technology to provide our residents with a cost-effective, reliable and sustainable transport system. There’s a long way to go, but the Mass Rapid Transit scheme that we’re proposing will provide a real and practical alternative to the car for people wanting to travel between some of Herts’ biggest towns.”