Call for 20mph speed limit to combat Harpenden’s ‘car culture’

Those at the meeting in Harpenden called for the introduction of a 20mph speed limit in the town. Fr

Those at the meeting in Harpenden called for the introduction of a 20mph speed limit in the town. From left, John Talbot, Cllr Teresa Heritage,Brian Deegan (Transport for London), Andy Buchanan (Hopper bus service) and Phil Waters (Harpenden Society). Photo supplied - Credit: Photo supplied

Car-clogged streets through the centre of Harpenden should have a lower speed limit, according to some concerned residents.

There was a call for the speed to be dropped to 20mph at a recent Harpenden Society public meeting on transport issues.

Several people said lower speed limits should be imposed on more roads, particularly where vehicles were parked on both sides – effectively making them single-lane thoroughfares.

One local, Rob Pearman, cited Tennyson Road as an example, on the grounds of pedestrian and child safety.

However, county councillor David Williams said that police were not empowered to enforce locally-imposed speed restrictions.

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There were five speakers at the 80-strong event, including Andy Buchanan, joint founder of the new Harpenden Hopper community bus venture, scheduled to begin transporting residents in a fortnight.

John Talbot, representing the town’s car park study group, called for a ‘joined-up’ approach to parking problems.

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Although county councillor Teresa Heritage welcomed such suggestions for easing traffic problems, she said that public funding restraints were likely to pose a hurdle for any such initiatives.

Meanwhile, others in the audience called for home-grown campaigns aimed at encouraging people to walk or cycle in the interests of health and fitness, to help combat Harpenden’s ‘car culture’.

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