Busking day in memory of St Albans Accordion Man

A picture of Paddy Delaney, the 'Accordion man', painted by Annalise Peet

A picture of Paddy Delaney, the 'Accordion man', painted by Annalise Peet - Credit: Archant

A sea of scarves and stripes will flood the market on Saturday for a memorial day commemorating a beloved busker.

John ‘Paddy’ Delaney was a accordion player who performed on St Albans market days for more than 30 years.

He died earlier this year, resulting an outpour of grief from the local community.

Many are expected to attend a busking day held in his former performing spot to raise money for a memorial plaque.

Those attending are expected to wear his trademark stripy T-shirt, beret, and scarf as a tribute.

Melanie Wall, who organised the day, said: “The date [July 4] is usually associated with Stars and Stripes of course but here in St Albans, it will be about stars in stripes paying tribute to Paddy the Accordion Man.”

The line up includes Melanie herself and many other local artists, including an accordion player.

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Paddy’s family will be in attendance and they will be presented with a surprise from the organisers.

The day will start at 11am and finish at 4pm, with a finale song of ‘Thank You For the Music’ sang by all the buskers.

The stage will be set up on Upper Dagnall Street in St Albans and a collection will be taking place throughout the day.