Local businesses invited to series of digital marketing webinars

Why not take part in one of Archant's business webinars?

Why not take part in one of Archant's business webinars? - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Newspaper publisher Archant is launching a four part webinar series for local businesses. 

Last year's Insight Day webinars saw over 1,500 attendees, leading Archant to introduce a new four-part series of live webinars for 2021 which you can dial into from your own home or office. 

Covering four important digital marketing topics, each webinar is designed to offer insight and guidance on how you can get set up with online trading and ecommerce. The series will cover ways in which businesses can understand their customers and buying habits, and will provide strategies for website marketing promotion and building a strong and loyal customer base. 

Archant's Vicki Blake, who is organising the Insight Day webinars, said: “The Insight Day webinars last year were really successful and we love having a platform to provide such valuable content and help to hundreds of businesses with their digital marketing challenges. We have been listening to feedback from attendees to make sure we make them the best they possibly can be during this uncertain time and offering the topics most requested.  

"We try to ensure that what we offer isn’t ‘just another webinar’ but a virtual experience from the comfort of wherever people are now working from. We're really looking forward to this series on ensuring businesses are operating successfully online as if we have learnt anything this past year it is that it is so important when the shop doors are closed that businesses can continue to operate.” 

The series will kick off on January 28, and the first topic that will be covered is Google Analytics.  

Tony Southgate, who will be presenting this session, said: “Most businesses have a website. We all know that a website is much like having another shop or location to trade from. Much like a physical brick and mortar location you want to make sure that your customers can get around your site as well as your shop.

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"You want people to be able to find what they need when they get there and that they complete the action that you want, whether that's buying something or making an enquiry.  

"When you're in your shop it's easy to see if there is something in the way or if there is an obstruction to the customer getting what they want, you can also ask people how they came to find out about you, this isn't always as obvious on your website and that's where Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) comes in.  

"Our first Insight Day of this series will cover the basics of Universal Analytics, from creating a property and understanding the basic reports to setting up goals so you can see what parts of your marketing are working best.

"We will also introduce you to the latest iteration of Google Analytics, Google Analytics 4, showing you how to get started and understanding the differences between Universal Analytics. If you are keen to understand how people get to your website and which of your marketing channels is driving the most customers, then this Insight Day is for you.” 

The other individual sessions planned will cover how to get your business online and trading in 4 weeks, how to get people to visit your ecommerce website and how to understand your audience. Each webinar will teach a given subject from scratch to ensure that businesses can get started and make the most of the tools available to them. They will also discuss how businesses can measure their success in these areas. 

The dates and subjects for the next Insight Day webinar series are: 

How do I use Google Analytics effectively?
Thursday January 28: 9:30am and 2:30pm  

How do I get my business trading online in four weeks? 
Thursday February 11: 9:30am and 2:30pm  

How do I get more people to visit my website? 
Thursday March 4: 9:30am and 2:30pm 

How do I use data to understand my audience?
Thursday March 25: 9:30am and 2:30pm 

To register, please go to: https://www.archanthub.co.uk/insightday 

For over 170 years, Archant has worked with small businesses and has helped them to achieve their aims and reach their desired audiences. This webinar series is just one of the ways in which Archant are helping local small businesses. Please see www.archanthub.co.uk for more information and a range of free step-by-step guides to help you get the most out of your marketing.