Entrepreneurs with a flair for video are doing their bit to boost local businesses

Ayala Daly of Flair Media.

Ayala Daly of Flair Media. - Credit: RNI Films

The challenges of the pandemic have taken their toll on many independent businesses, but unquestionably it is the hospitality sector which has suffered the most.

Those companies which focus on events - parties, weddings, conferences and so on - have had to adapt to changing demand after hitting a standstill due to COVID restrictions.

Holly Hunter of Flair Media.

Holly Hunter of Flair Media. - Credit: RNI Films

One of these is Herts-wide video producers Flair Media, run by teen entrepreneurs Ayala Daly and Holly Hunter, from Welwyn Garden City and Redbourn respectively, who set up the company last year.

The videographers met in science class in Year 7 - and bonded over their mutual love of film. They have worked with numerous companies including St Albans businesses Hers and Sirs hairdressers, Redbourn Golf Club, the Craft & Cleaver restaurant and dogwalking service Welly Wags.

In Welwyn Hatfield have filmed for a Florida-based soccer academy who were over for their UK tour and training in the Sport Village, and created a video for Welwyn Girls Rugby Club early last year pre-lockdown.

Ayala explained how the company has reacted to the changes imposed since coronavirus: "We've learnt that by adapting our areas of focus it is possible to survive as a business in this pandemic, and have focused in on virtual tours and open days to utilise video as a benefit of the restrictions and a necessity for other companies."

In the second half of last year the girls moved into running Flair as a full-time concern and are now looking for fresh clients in 2021.

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"We focus on improving businesses' online presence. We want to use their website and social media platforms as way to allow a physical shop, bar or restaurant to excel by creating promotional videos to keep a business relevant and exciting as this is the best way to reach potential clientele."

She is firmly behind this newspaper's ongoing #ShopLocal campaign, which encourages readers to spend their money on their doorsteps.

"Supporting local businesses is essential. Not only are they the core of the local community, but local companies are run by real people. We personally believe this means your services are provided with another level of care and attention to detail that you don't receive from chains.

"We recently came across a quote by Sabrina De Sousa that we love: 'Independent companies are where the most interesting concepts and new ideas are generated'."