Red Door Recruitment share tips to help you land your dream job as they celebrate 15 years in business

Tips for jobhunters from the Red Door Recruitment Agency team in St Albans

Red Door Recruitment has just celebrated 15 years in business! Left to right: Jo Baker, Tracy Akrigg, Jo O’Donovan, Louise Wynne, Anna Stevens, Amourette Dredge, Laura Holt-Thomas. - Credit: Red Door Recruitment

The effects of Covid-19 have changed the world of work forever, but what does this mean for your new job hunt?

We posed this question to directors Louise Wynne and Jo Baker from Red Door Recruitment, an independently owned and run recruitment company situated in the heart of St Albans. 

"As a thriving company that works with over 150 local businesses, we have a unique insight into the local job market and understand what employers are looking for," they reveal. "Our team of eight possess over 70 years of experience in the recruitment industry and are always up to date on issues affecting the employment market."

They go on to say: "Offering careers advice, CV writing and interview preparation has always been the backbone of the business and supporting the local community with permanent, temporary and contract roles." 

Below they share their top tips to help you find your perfect position. 

Q: How has Covid-19 affected the job market and is now a good time to be searching for a new job?

A: This is a brilliant time to be searching for a new role. The economy has bounced back strongly from the pandemic and there’s currently a shortage of candidates across all industry sectors. Many local companies are currently recruiting.

Initially, the pandemic caused people to worry about their job security, but now we’re seeing life return to normal and businesses open once more, people are using this as an opportunity to seek a new challenge.

Remote working is offering more flexible working patterns and I think more people want a job where they feel fulfilled and can enjoy a better work-life balance. I believe this is a new era for job hunting and there are excellent opportunities for people to take advantage of.

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Q: How can you help people living in the local area find the jobs they want?

A: By carefully analysing and understanding the companies we’re recruiting for, we’re able to match individuals to positions they want that suit their personality, abilities and aims. This maximises their chances of success with their job application.

We also offer CV writing advice and detailed interview preparation. Both are essential steps for securing a new job, and as we know how to present an amazing CV, this boosts your confidence and makes it easier to apply for roles you’re interested in.

The support service we offer is extensive and we’re on-hand to provide guidance through every stage of the job application process.

Q: What are your top three tips for job hunters?

A: We always advise that you:

  1. Spend time working on your CV – it should be less than two pages, and you should start by listing your most recent job and bullet pointing your key responsibilities in order of priority.
  2. Research the company you’re applying to – look them up online and get to know the brand’s values and history before attending an interview or sending your CV.
  3. Register with a reputable recruitment agency – when you register with us, you’ll gain access to hundreds of local job opportunities and insightful career advice that will make job searching easy, efficient and triumphant.

Q: Why choose Red Door Recruitment to help you find your new job?

New job opportunities in St Albans for job seekers from Red Door Recruitment

Now is a good time for job searching, as the economy has recovered from the pandemic and there’s a shortage of candidates across all industry sectors. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A: We’re passionate about what we do and committed to helping local people and businesses thrive. We work with companies of all sizes and assist job hunters at all stages to help them find a position that suits them. 

Red Door Recruitment has just celebrated 15 years in business! Throughout this time, we’ve experienced the highs and lows of many job markets remaining up to date on any issues affecting recruitment. This allows us to offer the best advice so that businesses can discover the individuals they need to help them grow and expand.

We can use our invaluable and unique understanding of the local job market to provide individuals with the careers advice they need to find temporary or permanent work, begin a new career or discover amazing job opportunities they may not have even considered. 

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