St Albans BID reveals plans for second five-year term

St Albans BID has been renewed for another five years.

St Albans BID has been renewed for another five years. - Credit: BID

City centre businesses have voted in favour of a second five year tenure for the St Albans BID (Business Improvement District).

But just a third of eligible levy payers actually had their say - with a turnout of 32.2 per cent - 95 votes for and 50 against.

The decision has been welcomed by BID executive manager Alison Berneye, who said the second term will focus on delivering their vision to support a commercial, vibrant, thriving, sustainable and resilient St Albans through a business-led programme.

“We are thrilled to have secured a second term so we can continue to work together as a business community to ensure St Albans thrives as a premium destination to live, work and enjoy.

"The BID makes a measurable difference to our city centre, and we will work tirelessly to build a prosperous future for levy payers, working alongside our partners and communities to maximise opportunities and successes.”

BID Board director Jeremy Michael added: “A third of businesses voted in the recent ballot, which in the current climate is in line with the average turnout of BID ballots. Almost 70% of those who voted were in favour of the BID’s ongoing work, which is significantly higher than in the original vote of 2016 and shows a strong endorsement from our city centre business community.”

Board member Keith Newlan, owner of Kings Hill jewellers said: “St Albans BID has supported our business community during unprecedented times. Post pandemic, St Albans has emerged a most attractive place to live, visit, invest and work, with big brand names and new independents choosing it as a business destination. Footfall that is above the national average will only continue to build on the economic success of the city.”

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Businesses will continue to pay a BID levy of 1.8 per cent of their rateable value. Those with rateable values of £12,000 or less will be exempt.

Sarah Hassan of local restaurant Bar Mezé said: “When the BID first came in, no one knew what it was or how it was going to benefit St Albans. But five years on, it has delivered so much for our city centre and having seen its successes, St Albans would be a different place without it. We voted ‘Yes’ and we are delighted that St Albans BID succeeded in winning a second term.”