Branching out: How a flexible office space can improve your business’ productivity

Great North Business Centre in Hatfield 

The Great North Business Centre in Hatfield offers a variety of flexible office spaces inside a charming listed building - Credit: Great North Business Centre

If your business venture is beginning to outgrow your spare room, or you’re still working from home, booking flexible office space may be just what you need. 

The way that we work is constantly evolving, and businesses, big and small, will need to adapt to stay one step ahead. Great North Business Centre (GNBC), located in Hatfield, offer home workers and business owners a secure, social base for all work-related endeavours. 

We chat to Richard Peeters, director at GNBC, who outlined the service that they provide and the advantages it has on our work-life balance.  

Q: As we begin to return to offices, what makes an independent office space an attractive option? 

Meeting room at Great North Business Centre, Hertfordshire

GNBC's premises contains 30+ rooms functioning as social areas, meeting rooms and private offices - Credit: Great North Business Centre

A: Covid-19 had a huge impact on businesses small and large, with an unprecedented loss of medium sized offices and larger units. Now that companies have begun to open their office doors again, there is an opportunity for rapidly growing start-ups and flexibility for home workers to take more control over their schedules. 

A commercial address for your business can make a big difference when attracting clients. The charming listed building that we use contains a panelled Board Room with large screens for presentations and Zoom meetings, and smaller rooms that are ideal for one-to-one meetings.  

It also ensures the security of yourself and your family, as searches on Google could reveal your home address if you have it listed as the official address for your business. By registering at a fully commercial address, you add formality and credibility to your business while safeguarding your wellbeing. 

Q: How can offices benefit start-ups and medium-sized businesses? 

A: For start-up owners, many of whom have been primarily working from home over the past 18 months, expansion often requires taking on extra personnel. Unlike renting out an entire floor of a corporate building or setting up in a shop, you’ll pay a monthly fee for desk space, utilities and office facilities. 

Alongside private offices, amenities and a commercial address, we can provide secretarial and administrative services that are vital to smaller-scale businesses. This means you have the flexibility to head out to meetings, whilst secure in the knowledge that incoming calls will be answered professionally in your name. 

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We are located just opposite the Hatfield train station, so people using our building can easily commute into London if necessary. However, our space provides the flexibility for our clients to alternate between commuting into London and working in an office environment closer to home. 

Lounge room in Great North Business Centre, Hatfield

There is a comfortable lounge room to have lunch or socialise with other entrepreneurs and business owners in a relaxed environment. - Credit: Great North Business Centre

Q: How can office space encourage collaboration between entrepreneurs and business owners? 

A: Alongside expansion and flexibility, a crucial advantage of our independent office area is collaboration between businesses sharing the same space. Compared to larger buildings, where you might miss the opportunity to interact, there are comfortable areas to have lunch or socialise with other entrepreneurs. 

Networking with like-minded individuals is a vital aspect of running a successful business, and we often host events, like the Macmillan coffee morning, to help foster a collaborative spirit within our building. 

Zoom meeting room at Great North Business Centre, Hatfield

There is ample opportunity to meet with clients, or give presentations to colleagues, in the designated Zoom meeting rooms at GNBC. - Credit: Great North Business Centre

Our building is beautifully maintained, and has a relaxed and professional atmosphere that allows you to get into the right frame of mind to tackle the challenges of the day ahead. This can be more difficult to achieve at home, as deliveries may arrive, family members might also be working in the same space and the environment may not be suitable for business meetings.

Q: How can renting an office space contribute to a healthier work-life balance? 

A: Home-working has been a major adjustment for many of us over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic. Whilst some may enjoy being away from the office, it can be challenging to maintain the separation between work and home life. The difficulties of getting into a routine, working later hours and managing family responsibilities can all take their toll over time, causing unnecessary stress. 

By separating the two environments, you are more able to effectively divide your time between the office and home, so you can focus during the day and relax during the evening.  

Learn more about how GNBC can help your business to flourish and how you can rent out your own office space by visiting Alternatively, contact 01707 24 54 24 or to make an enquiry.