Burst water main in St Albans city centre now fixed

There was a burst water main on Holywell Hill

There was a burst water main on Holywell Hill - Credit: Getty Images/MIXA

A burst water pipe in St Albans city centre has now been fully repaired.

At about 4.45am yesterday (August 21), a repair team from Affinity Water were on Holywell Hill to try and fix the problem, asking residents not to use electrical water items such as dishwashers or washing machines.

They mended the pipe by about 8am, but are now warning neighbours that taps might produce discoloured or aerated water.

Cloudiness is caused by air trapped in the pipe, and discolouration is small particles of iron, which live normally in the metal mains, becoming disturbed and infiltrating the supply - neither of these are harmful and both are normal after a breakage.

People should keep the tap running for about five to ten minutes to clear the supply glitches.

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