Burglary in Harpenden

BURGLARS who broke into a Harpenden home tried to conceal their crime by closing the curtains while they searched the property.

They made off with a laptop, jewellery and a small amount of cash after forcing open a window at the back of the property in the Milton Road area.

A gun-metal pocket watch with “Gladstone” engraved on the back and a miniature painted portrait of the victim’s grandfather was also taken from the house between 10.30 on Thursday February 23 and 4.15pm on February 26.

Police say there have been a small number of similar crimes where burglars have closed the curtains while they raid the property and are asking residents to be vigilant.

Detective Constable Karen Webb said: “If you see curtains closed in your neighbour’s house and this is unusual, let us know on 101. If you believe a crime is in progress please call 999.”

If you have information call the non-emergency number 101 or Crimetoppers on 0800 555 111.