Cathedral enters into partnership with fast food chain

St Albans Cathedral

St Albans Cathedral has entered into a partnership with Burger King. - Credit: St Albans Cathedral

If you would like a Whopper with your worship, you might just be in luck.

St Albans Cathedral has today unveiled plans to open a Burger King franchise in the existing refectory - with the Abbot's Kitchen operation moving to a takeaway van outside.

The move is in order to boost cathedral coffers in the wake of the pandemic, and hopefully attract a new and younger audience into the 10th century building.

Cathedral business development manager Lydia Farpools explained: "This is such an exciting plan for us. Jesus is our King and head of the Church, and we feel it is perfectly timed, and at Easter too, for the aptly-named fast food joint to become part of our sacred community. 

"Why would anyone want a lovely home-made salad or a freshly baked pie with friends, when they can pop by for a Bacon Double Cheeseburger with fries in our picturesque surroundings? 

"Usually these restaurants are on industrial estates or in shopping centres, so this is a real novelty. It's also going to particularly exciting for our choristers. I mean, kids love a burger, don't they?"

The restaurant chain is also planning on running special promotions with the cathedral, including bespoke items like the Alban Burger, Lady Chapel chicken nuggets and Matins milkshakes, and plastic figures of saints in children's meals.

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