Bunnies not just for Easter says St Albans sanctuary owner

AN ANIMAL sanctuary is urging families to keep their Easter treats strictly chocolatey this year.

Agatha’s Annex in Harpenden has launched the appeal to remind people of the commitment required when taking on a pet rabbit at a time of year when there’s an abundance of cute fluffy bunnies on sale.

Ruth Oddie, who runs the centre, currently has 19 rescue rabbits, seven of which are looking for new homes. She said that many families were not given all the information needed when they purchase a bunny and when winter came around, she was inundated with rabbits that were no longer wanted.

She said: “All rabbits that arrived here due to changes in circumstances of their owners have not been vaccinated or neutered due to financial restraints on families at the moment. This is causing a big drain on rescue’s resources and with pet shops and breeders producing more cute fluffy babies for Easter sales, the rescue will be receiving more when winter arrives and the bunnies have become teenagers with attitude or parents due to the wrong support information being given.”

Over the last 11 years, the Annex has rehomed over 800 guinea pigs and rabbits, giving them a second chance of a safe, happy and healthy life.

Ruth added: “We’re just asking people to make their’s chocolate this year. It’s an important message and we really want people to listen.”

To find out more about Agatha’s Annex or the animals looking for a home, call 01582 620288