Litter pickers fill five bin bags in an hour from St Albans park

7th St Albans Brownies after their litter pick.

7th St Albans Brownies after their litter pick. - Credit: Archant

A group of Brownies were able to fill five bin bags with litter after spending an hour on Bernards Heath in St Albans.

To mark Sustainable St Albans Week, 7th St Albans Brownies decided to do a litter pick to help improve the state of the heath.

Brown Owl of 7th St Albans Brownies, Leonie Brady said: “Our Brownies were very keen to help make a difference in St Albans, and Sustainable St Albans Week was the perfect opportunity for us to focus on this.”

Snowy Owl Louise Restell added: “The girls were really excited to go out litter collecting, and we are really pleased with their efforts.

“We are also very grateful to the Friends of Bernard Heath for lending us their grabbers.”

The girls found a variety of items, including an abandoned sock, an old mobile phone, and a dead rate which they left alone, but predominantly empty cans and bottles

The pick took place just a week after the Friends of Bernards Heath volunteers filled 20 bags while on a bi-annual pick around the Heath.

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Friends of Bernards Heath chair Peter Cook said: “It’s great children are being encouraged by the Brownies and Cubs to understand dropping litter is horrible and should be discouraged. I do not think schools are as good at talking about that as they used to be.

“We’re happy to encourage everyone to learn about the heath, especially children as they do not appreciate how lucky we all are to have it.”

Since the Brownies pick, a Cub Scout pack has been in touch with the Friends, asking if they could also use their equipment.

Mr Cook thinks litter is a problem on the heath and blames young people drinking and eating takeaways.

“A lot of the litter found on the heath, especially around the benches, was cider and beer containers.

“I cannot prove it, but I strongly suspect all of it is young people. You do not get older people drinking on the benches.

“The younger people tend to treat the heath like a dustbin, and just lob things into the undergrowth as there are lots of brambles.

“So it’s good to get the Brownies and Cubs involved.”

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