Bricket Wood nursing home staff are pushing it for peace in memory of Mick

Mick Limerick

Mick Limerick - Credit: Archant

Colleagues of a much-loved kitchen manager are preparing to ‘push it’ in his memory next month.

The ‘it’ in question is a five mile course of 30 wet and muddy obstacles which is being run on land near Butterfly World in Chiswell Green by the Peace Hospice in Watford on October 3.

Six members of staff from Tenterden House Nursing Home in Lye Lane, Bricket Wood, are competing in the Push it for the Peace Challenge in memory of Mick Limerick - taking the team name of Mick’s Numpties..

Kitchen manager and team leader Emma O’Brien said: “This is the first time any of us have taken part in an obstacle challenge. I’m so unfit but I’m going to finish it no matter what.”

She added: “Mick ran the kitchen here with me for seven years and it’s hard coming to work now he’s gone. He used to call everyone a ‘numptie’ so we named our team in his honour.

Peace Hospice Care supported Mick, and his partner Lorraine, during the last weeks of his life with Lorraine staying alongside him for the final 16 days.

Chef Conor Devine said: “He was comfortable at the hospice and laughed and joked right until the end.”

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Conor has several reasons for signing up for Push it for the Peace. He explained: “I’m certainly doing this in memory of Mick but also to show what can be achieved even after suffering a serious illness.

“I had a bone marrow transplant in 2006 and spent eight months in bed. If I can take part in an obstacle challenge, anyone can.”

Registration for the challenge is £45 which covers the cost of the event only so participants are asked to collect an additional £50 per person in sponsorship to help Peace Hospice Care raise the £4 million needed each year to keep its services running.

Receptionist Clara Bartoletti says: “We’ve set up an online donation page and have already raised £750. Bupa, who owns the nursing home will be matching our donations too.

“Mick was a great guy and raising money for Peace Hospice Care is a great way to give something back for the care they gave him.”

Push it for the Peace is open to men and women of all fitness levels, aged 16 or above. To register go to