Bricket Wood ME sufferer having hair chopped off for charity today

ME sufferer Barbara Shuttleworth is shaving her hair off to raise money for charity

ME sufferer Barbara Shuttleworth is shaving her hair off to raise money for charity - Credit: Archant

A 67-year-old ME sufferer who has battled with the condition for almost 30 years will be shaving off her lustrous locks in aid of a national charity.

Barbara Shuttleworth, of Reynards Way in Bricket Wood, will be going for the chop today but in the unlikeliest of locations.

The former midwife decided to grow her hair for nine months between August 2014 and April 2015 and then have it shaved off as publicly as possible to raise money for ME Research.

She has bravely volunteered to be filmed at the side of a pitch at a Middlesbrough FC game as her husband Ken and daughter Louise are devoted fans.

Together with her father-in-law Jack, they have been fans of the team for more than 177 years.

Barbara said: “My hair is my crowning glory but it is a renewable resource.

“I cannot walk or run very far but I can give up my hair and hope to raise £10,000 in the process with the help of other friends, family, neighbours and people interested in finding a cure for this dreadfully debilitating illness.

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“I cannot run or walk for charity - I’ve tried it and been very ill - but my hair grows thick and fast whether I am ill or well.”

Barbara’s current total stands at £7,854.11.

She has also been knitting clothes and cribs for 5” dolls at £25 each and making 18” knitted dolls with their outfits for £65 in a bid to raise more money.

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